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Address Change

It is important that when you relocate, you keep us informed of your current address. This helps us to ensure that you receive any notices in a timely manner. The United States Post Office offers online services including forwarding your mail during the transition.

Vehicle, Vessel and Mobile/Manufactured Home Registration
To change your mailing address, you can complete our online address change form.
Local Business Tax
If you are changing the physical location of your business, you will need to complete a new application. If you are only changing your mailing address, you can complete our online address change form.

The United Postal Service is splitting ZIP Codes 33936, 33971, and 33972, while adding new ZIP Codes 33973, 33974, and 33976. If your business physical address or mailing address ZIP Code is affected by this change, you can complete a specialized online address change form.
Real and Tangible Property Tax
Address changes must be submitted in writing to the Property Appraiser's office via internet, U.S. Mail, or in person at 2480 Thompson Street, Fort Myers, Florida 33901, Attn: Fourth Floor. No verbal requests are accepted. The Property Appraiser provides monthly address updates to the Tax Collector. To ensure your correct address has been provided for future tax notices, please review your tax record approximately 30 days after submitting your request.

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