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Tangible Personal Property Taxes

Tangible personal property tax, often referred to simply as tangible tax, is an ad valorem tax based on the following three categories of property:
  • Businesses - furnishings, fixtures, signs, supplies, and equipment used in the operation of business.
  • Mobile Home Attachments (when land is rented) - all attachments and additions such as carport, utility shed, Florida room, and screened porch.
  • Rental Furnishings - furnishings and appliances provided in a rental unit.
Based on Florida Statute 193.052, anyone in possession of assets on January 1 must file a tangible tax return form with the property appraiser's office no later than April 1 of each year. Except for mobile home attachments, personal property is typically assessed on the basis of a tangible tax return supplied by the property owner. Failure to file or late filing of a return is subject to penalties.

Any changes to the tax roll (name, address, location, assessed value) must be processed through the property appraiser's office.

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