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Online services: How much time do you really save?

by Angie Filian | May 16, 2018


Need to get your vehicle registration or driver license renewed? Time to plan a trip to the Lee County Tax Collector’s office! Or is it? Have you ever thought about how much time it actually takes you to get to your local tax collector’s office? We know how busy life can get and for most of us a trip to the tax collector’s office is something we have to plan into our day.  


To put things into perspective, here’s how much time you’ll be spending by making your way down to the tax collector’s office:

  • Get ready and plan ahead: Making the trip usually isn’t something one can just do on a whim. For some, this is easier said than done. Depending on your job, commute or dropping your little ones off at school, heading to the Tax Collector’s office is something you’ll have to carve out the time for and make any arrangements if necessary. We estimate this step will take you about five minutes.
  • The trip itself: First, you have to locate the closest tax collector’s office and then you can begin your journey! The time of day you choose to go and the route you take all play a huge part in the amount of time it will take you to get there. Consider traffic, traffic lights, stop signs, school busses (if you’re leaving in the morning or early afternoon_ and how many other commuters will be on the road. We estimate that this step will take you about 15 minutes.
  • Finding parking and determining wait times: So, you’ve arrived. Now what? Figuring out where to park can always be a tricky thing, especially when you think of all of the other Lee County residents who are in need of the Tax Collector’s services. Once you’ve parked and managed to make your way inside, you now have to determine where it is you need to go. Already have that figured out? Awesome! Now it’s time to check the wait times. Depending on which Tax Collector office you have chosen, the average wait time for our offices can be anywhere between 4 minutes to 54 minutes. That is a pretty significant difference, especially if you’re in a hurry! This step can take you anywhere from five to 55 minutes!
  • Interacting with the LCTC team member: You’ve made it! After all this time, it’s your turn to talk to the LCTC representative. After discussing the requested services, the friendly LCTC staff asks you to provide the required documentation to complete the task at hand. Ooops – did you forget something? Looks like you’ll be having to make the same trip to the Tax Collector’s office tomorrow and start this 75-minute process over again!


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could skip the trip and still do what needs to be done without having to visit the Tax Collector’s office? Luckily, LCTC has streamlined this process so that nearly all services offered are also available online! Don’t believe us? Click here to check it out yourself!