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Sold your vehicle? Protect yourself!

by Angie Filian | Sep 06, 2018


Is it time to upgrade and sell your current vehicle? If this is something you are considering, then you should know that the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office is here to help! We’ve streamlined this process to ensure your sale is safe, secure and efficient. When it comes to selling your vehicle, there are a couple things to keep in mind – and to keep record of!


First things first, you are going to want to file a Notice of Sale and you’re going to want to do this within the first 30 days of the sale. When you sell your vehicle, there is no guarantee that the person you sold it to will have the title transferred into their name. There’s even a possibility that the buyer may be using the vehicle you sold them while it is still in your name. By filing this form, we are able to mark the title record as SOLD. This may help prevent any future legal and civil liability issues for you, the seller.


In addition to filing the Notice of Sale form, we recommend you keep a record of the original bill of sale, a copy of the title completed for transfer and any other documentation you may have from the sale. Don’t forget, the ownership status of your vehicle will not change until the buyer applies for title in his or her name. However, the license plate that is associated with the title record will be removed.  


Keep in mind that if a vehicle is being sold and the valid registration is not being transferred to a replacement vehicle, the license plate must be surrendered to any one of our seven office locations prior to cancelling insurance. Failure to do so could potentially result in the suspension of your driver license and inhibit you from renewing registrations that are associated with your record.


The Lee County Tax Collector’s Office strives to help the residents of Lee County in any way that we can. So, when it comes time to selling your vehicle, make sure you protect yourself with these useful tips! For more information, visit our website and check out our helpful guide to completing your Florida title for transfer.