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Don’t Fall Behind on These Important Dates

by Angie Filian | Sep 07, 2018


Fall will be here before you know it! While many of us envision cooler weather and spiced lattes, the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office is hard at work preparing and informing the community about important upcoming notices, payments and deadlines. Don’t fall behind and become delinquent on your taxes! Stay ahead of the game – and your payments – by keeping these important dates in mind:



  • All local business tax payments are due by September 30.
  • The second installment plan payment is due by September 30, for both real estate and tangible property taxes.
  • If you’re interested in driving for a living, all Taxicab and Vehicle for Hire Certificate to Operate, Vehicle Permit and Stickers, and Driver ID cards renewals are due by September 30.


  • Don’t become delinquent on your local business tax account! All local business tax accounts become delinquent on October 1 and a 10% penalty will be applied. 


  • This is when the collection of real estate property taxes and tangible personal property taxes begins. All payments made by November 30 will receive a 4% discount.
  • If you’re still delinquent on your local business tax accounts, a 15% penalty will be applied.


Now that you know when your payments are due, wouldn’t it be great if you could easily pay them online? Well, guess what – you can! Simply visit our website and select which payment you want to make, it’s that easy!