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Concealed Weapons License

by Angie Filian | Nov 29, 2018

Considering Concealing? Then it’s time to get educated and get the proper paperwork filed to be sure you’re in compliance with Florida’s concealed carry law. The Lee County Tax Collector’s partnership with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has simplified the process of getting your concealed weapon license. The Concealed Weapon Intake System (CWIS) provides an opportunity for you to complete and submit your application or renewal in person at our Downtown Fort Myers office location. The CWIS also streamlines the screening and review process, thereby reducing the time it takes to issue a license once the electronic package arrives in Tallahassee.


Here’s what you can expect when applying for or renewing your concealed weapons permit:


First, you’ll want to make sure you’ve completed the training course and have the completed courses training certificate with you when you go in to apply for your concealed weapon license. Once you have the training certificate, you’re ready to make your appointment with the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office. You can easily schedule online at or by calling 239-533-6000.


When you arrive for your appointment, one of our LCTC team members will direct you to a computer station where you will complete an electronic version of the application form. Once you have completed the electronic application, our dedicated team member will review your application, take your photograph, electronically scan your fingerprints, process your payment, and submit all documents to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Don’t forget – you will also need to provide a Florida driver license or a state issued identification card as well as your completed training certificate.


If you’re just coming in to renew your concealed weapon license, an appointment is still required. When you arrive at the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office for your appointment, one of our staff members will assist you with submitting your application electronically to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, take your photograph, and process your payment. Renewal is as simple as that!


Now that you know the steps it takes to get your concealed weapons permit, it’s time for you to get educated and make your appointment! After you complete your training, you can easily schedule an appointment for your concealed weapon license by clicking here.