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Meet Tracy Pipkins, Customer Service Director

by Angie Filian | Dec 04, 2018

Excellence in leadership is just one of many high standards the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office holds for their staff. Leadership roles are often filled from within by grooming team members in a well-thought succession plan.


Meet Tracy Pipkins, Director of Customer Service. Tracy has been with the organization since 1996 where she started as a service clerk at the Bonita Springs Service Center. Tracy’s passion for customer service lead to her a manager promotion at the Lehigh Acres location. She continued to grow with the organization serving in the Quality Assurance Manager position. Tracy’s love for quality customer service became apparent not only to her fellow employees, but to Mr. Hart himself. It was then that Tracy received the opportunity to move into an administrative leadership role. She was promoted to the Director of Customer Service, a position that she currently holds.


Tracy’s role on the senior leadership team is forecasting best options to streamline processes and maximize efficiency at all seven service locations. Her role optimizes the experience for tax payers as well as the entire customer service team.

Tracy has always been in customer service and it is something that she truly enjoys. She takes pride in the people that she serves as well as those she serves with. Tracy feels that her time spent as a service clerk was invaluable and she finds it easy to relate to her customer service team members and the issues they are going through since she’s been in their shoes before.


During her time at the Tax Collector’s Office, Tracy has become a Certified Public Manager and has participated in countless leadership and training and development classes offered. Mr. Hart and Noelle Branning are constantly cultivating the team to find and encourage new leaders to get more involved within the community and the organization.


Under Tracy’s leadership, the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office has made some great improvements! The LCTC team added many part-time employees to help during season, rolled out Tags Today®, and opened Lee County Tax Collector’s seventh office location, the Colonial Service Center at AAA, all to create convenience for Lee County tax payers and make their experience more efficient. Tracy has been instrumental in creating leadership opportunities within the team she oversees. She was involved in the process of creating the lead supervisor role for each of the seven office locations to give LCTC employees the opportunity to become leaders and get involved in management.


It’s leaders like Tracy that encourage excellence and high quality service within the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office and our community. We can’t wait to share more profiles of our amazing staff who continue to guide the organization forward to best serve the residents of Lee County. Everyone within the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office has got your back!