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Specialty Business Permits: How To Get Your Transient Merchant Permit

by Angie Filian | Dec 06, 2018


Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you turn – and on every corner, there are pumpkin patch, Christmas tree or fireworks vendors? If you are one of those individuals or businesses interested in putting up a tent to sell seasonal goods, then you will want to check out these rules and frequently asked questions first.


What do I need to setup my tent?

First things first, anyone providing merchandise or service to the public within Lee County must obtain a Lee County business tax account and tax receipt to operate unless specifically exempt. Check out our blog for more information and step-by-step instructions on obtaining your Lee County business tax receipt.


The next thing on your to-do list is purchasing your transient merchant permit. If you’re wondering what a transient merchant permit is, you came to the right place. A transient merchant is any person or business who is a non-permanent resident of Lee County that sells goods, wares or merchandise. Any transient merchant operating in Lee County is required to obtain a transient merchant permit.


Where can I purchase my transient merchant permit?

While we have seven office locations that offer a variety of services, transient merchant permits are only issued at the Downtown Fort Myers Tax Collector’s Office location.


Now that I have my transient merchant permit, how long is it valid?

Permits are only valid for the length of time indicated in the Certificate of Use Permit issued by Lee County Community Development. The good news is that one transient merchant permit can cover multiple locations, but this is only applicable when all locations are open for the same length of time.


Now that you have your Lee County business tax receipt and transient merchant permit, you’re ready to set-up shop! If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact our office at 239-533-6000. The LCTC employees always ready and willing to help businesses in Lee County!