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TagsTODAY®: A New and Convenient Way to Renew Your Vehicle Registration

by User Not Found | Feb 05, 2019

Waiting in line to renew your vehicle registration is a thing of the past! Adapt to the new way of renewing your car tags by using TagsTODAY®. TagsTODAY® is a convenient and easy to use online service available to Lee County residents who need their vehicle registration renewed in a quick and timely manner. Customers who are within 90 days of their birthday or have an expired registration will be eligible to renew their registration online and pick up the same day at a convenient tax collector location. You can’t beat that!


Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can take advantage of this convenient online service:


Step 1: Simply visit the Lee County Tax Collector’s official website, select “TagsTODAY®” and click on the “Renew Now” button to begin the registration renewal process.


Step 2: Shortly after you go through the renewal process, you will receive an email that confirms your request for renewal and you will be informed when your tag is ready for pickup. With seven offices conveniently located throughout Lee County, make sure you select the service center that is closest to your location or residence.


Step 3: Visit the tax collector service center that you selected and pick up your new, up-to-date car tags. Don’t forget to bring your driver license or some other form of photo identification as it is required when picking up your registration.


The Lee County Tax Collector’s Office strives to create convenience for our customers and ensure that everything we do goes without hassle. By streamlining this process and implementing the TagsTODAY® service, we hope this eliminates the amount of time spent in line for Lee County residents.