If a Florida resident service member is stationed outside of Florida by military orders they are exempt from providing proof of Florida insurance provided that the Florida registered vehicle is taken out of state but will remain registered in Florida. In order to apply for the exemption of providing Florida insurance the following must be submitted:

  • Proof of out-of-state vehicle insurance from the out-of-state insurance company on their letterhead stating that the military member is currently insured in the state where he/she is actively stationed. The letter should also contain all policy information, including the name of insured, effective date of insurance, insurance company name, policy number, and vehicles covered
  • An out-of-state mailing address for the military member. This will be shown on the Florida vehicle registration certificate
  • The military member’s Florida address of residence
  • A copy of the current military orders
  • An affidavit stating the vehicle is being maintained in the service member’s state of military assignment and will not be driven in the state of Florida, except for transient visitor status

This exemption only applies to vehicles registered in the name of the military member or the non-military spouse.