Convenience Fees

The Tax Collector does not keep any of these fees
Credit Card Convenience Fee
  • 2.35%; $1.85 minimum
  • Transaction(s) up to $78.76 will be charged a minimum of $1.85
  • Transaction(s) $78.77 or higher will be charged 2.35%
PayPal Convenience Fee2.35% on all transaction(s)

Debit Card Convenience Fee (PIN used)$1.95 flat rate

Initial and Yearly Fees

The local business tax for all professionals, occupations, and business is a flat tax rate based on the start date of the business as follows:

Initial and Yearly Fees for Businesses Payment policies
October - March $50.00
April - June $25.00
July - September $12.50
  • Flea Markets: contact our office at 239.533.6000.
  • Professional Landscaping Business: additional registration fees apply. Contact our office at 239.533.6000.

A business that is in operation before obtaining a local business tax receipt will be assessed a 25% penalty.

For more information on the local business tax renewal notice, view our local business tax renewal notice insert.

Transfer Fees

The fee for transferring a current local business tax account is 10% of the original fee, with a minimum fee of $3.00 and a maximum fee of $25.00.

Delinquent Fees

Delinquent local business tax accounts are subject to late penalties which are calculated using the corresponding percentages of the base fee (excluding the hazardous waste surcharge):

  1. October - 10%
  2. November - 15%
  3. December - 20%
  4. January and later - 25%

Fee Exemptions

The Florida Statutes designate certain exemptions for local business tax fees. An account is still required but will be established at no cost or for a reduced fee.

If you think you qualify for an exemption, please contact the Tax Collector's office at 239.533.6000 to discuss the specific requirements and the amount of the exemption.

  • Disabled Veterans (application required)
  • An exemption of the Local Business Tax fee up to $50 is available for veterans.
  • Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons, and Widows/Widowers with Minor Dependents (application required)
  • Self-grown Farm Product Sellers
  • Charitable, Non-Profit, Educational, and Religious Institutions

Specialty Permit Fees Payment policies
Going-out-of-Business or Fire Sale $50.00
Transient Merchant $150.00