For information regarding Suspensions and Revocations and to check the status of your Florida driver license visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety (DHSMV) website.

Tickets and Fines

Tickets and Fines must be paid to or disputed with the Clerk of Courts office in the county where the ticket or fine was issued.

List of Florida Clerks of Court

Driving and Education Courses may be required for clearances.

Out of State Tickets

Out of State Tickets could prevent you from obtaining a driver license in the state of Florida. All 50 states and Washington DC have official websites with motor vehicle information for consumers.

List of Other State Websites

Child Support Delinquencies

Child Support Delinquencies could result in a driver license suspension. The suspension must be cleared with Department of Revenue. They will electronically update the driver license database. Please allow 3-5 business days for the information to be updated. Please be advised that a child support reinstatement fee will be charged for each support suspension.

Financial Responsibility

Financial Responsibility suspensions are insurance related suspensions. It is important to know that if you sell a vehicle that has a current license plate on it and you are not transferring the license plate to a replacement vehicle, or you cancel your insurance policy, you must surrender your license plate to our office to avoid a possible suspension for no insurance. If you buy a new or replacement vehicle it is important to contact your insurance agent to add the vehicle to your existing policy prior to registering the vehicle.

Visit the DHSMV website for frequently asked questions regarding Florida’s insurance requirements or if you have received a letter from DHSMV and need to update your insurance information.

It is also important to maintain a correct mailing address on your driver license record as this is the address DHSMV will mail notices to regarding suspensions and revocations. You may update your address information online or by mail.