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Processing Operations Center

by User Not Found | Feb 08, 2019

Have you ever wondered how the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office accurately processes all of the mailed tax payments and transactions? Well, all of that happens in a little place we like to call the Processing Operations Center!


The Processing Operations Center is a behind-the-scenes environment at the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office where automation is hard at work – especially during tax season! With the use of specialized equipment and technology, we have streamlined the payment process to make processing your payments easier than ever before. We are able to efficiently process vehicle registrations, disabled parking placards, local business taxes, both real estate and tangible property taxes and online bill pay and web payments.


One of the newer and more exciting pieces of equipment we have in the Processing Operations Center is the Opex 7.5 IEM. This machine has the ability to extract and scan single bill and check payments remitted in the envelopes that are provided by the tax collector’s office when we mail out the original notice. However, as high-tech as this piece of equipment is, it cannot extract items with paper clips, staples, glue or tape. It’s very important to not use them mailing in your payment as those items have to be removed by hand and delay the payment process.


To efficiently handle tax payers’ payments, it’s important that they are returned with the original notice in the envelope provided along with your payment. Sending a photocopy of the notice or using different sized envelopes can jam up our processing equipment making it more difficult and time consuming for tax payments to be processed and posted to your account.


Not only are the Lee County Tax Collector employees hard at work ensuring all of your payments are being accurately processed, so are the machines in our Processing Operations Center! For a more in-depth look into our Processing Operations Center and the equipment we use, click here!