History of Kids Tag Art

The inspiration for Kids Tag Art began in 2002 when Joe Tedder, Tax Collector for Polk County, encouraged his staff to get involved in the Great American Teach-In, where community leaders were invited into classrooms across the county. Tedder’s Chief Deputy of Administration spearheaded the effort with a visit to Valleyview Elementary School in south Lakeland. There, he presented an informational program to 5th graders that invited the students to create their own specialty license plate artwork.

The program was a great hit in the classroom! The children enjoyead learning more about specialty tags and designing their own. Many of the tags were very clever and exhibited well-developed artistic composition. And so the Kids Tag Art Project was born!

Kids Tag Art is a program designed to educate children about Florida specialty license plates and the role art plays in commerce while inspiring them to explore their artistic abilities. The program has been adopted by several Florida Tax Collectors since its inception. 

Kids Tag Art accomplishes an educational vision while also providing supplemental funding for art supplies to participating counties across Florida.

Tax Collector Larry Hart continues Lee County Kids Tag Art!


2015-16 Tax Collector Choice Award