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Tax Roll Search - Real Property


To make a payment, review payment history, or find detailed information on a parcel, you will need to first search the tax roll for the parcel in question. When searching or making a payment for an Installment account, select the correct tax year for the installment plan. To streamline your search, various criteria are available for selection below. A summary of your results will be displayed. To view details, just click on the Account Number or Details button. The downloadable data provided to the Public is in standard, industry accepted, either Tab or Comma Delimited format. The Tax Collector's Office is not responsible for assisting or training the public in how to use these files.

The results to your tax search are based upon information provided to the Lee County Tax Collector by the Lee County Property Appraiser. This website should not be relied upon for a title search. Amounts due are subject to change without notice due to statutory compliance (i.e. tax certificate sale, tax deed application, county held tax certificates, errors & insolvencies (E&I), bankruptcy, litigation, etc.)