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Sale Year:    
Date of Tax Sale5/25/2021 7:00:13 AM 
Duration of Sale in Days1 
Number of Registered Bidders129 
Average Interest Rate of Bids3.40% 
 Number of ParcelsFace Amount Totals
Parcels Advertised30,536$44,634,242.45
Parcels Paid Prior to Sale9,264$16,732,783.37
Parcels Brought to Sale21,275$27,913,386.57
Parcels Pre-Struck To County166$117,225.65
Parcels Sold21,109$27,796,160.92
Parcels Struck to County312$88,716.94
Parcels Sold to Individuals20,797$27,707,443.98
Parcels Paid During Sale0$0.00
Add on Certificates27$41,396.97
Homestead Tax Deferrals3$11,927.49