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Sale Year:    
Date of Tax Sale5/21/2019 7:00:00 AM 
Duration of Sale in Days1 
Number of Registered Bidders8,039 
Average Interest Rate of Bids4.45% 
 Number of ParcelsFace Amount Totals
Parcels Advertised36,657$50,337,040.10
Parcels Paid Prior to Sale8,328$16,750,438.36
Parcels Brought to Sale28,333$33,598,211.22
Parcels Pre-Struck To County195$112,039.23
Parcels Sold27,736$33,432,425.87
Parcels Struck to County1,501$2,899,870.07
Parcels Sold to Individuals26,235$30,532,555.80
Parcels Paid During Sale402$53,746.12
Add on Certificates18$53,380.42
Homestead Tax Deferrals4$11,609.48