2020 Tangible Tax Warrants

Jun 15, 2020

The 2020 tangible tax warrant letters have been mailed to all tangible accounts
that have not paid their 2019 tangible taxes.


• Bills need to be paid by August 10th to avoid the additional $30.00 warrant fee.

• If full payment cannot be made, partial payments may be accepted. Contact for more information.

• Even though the time and location of the hearing is on the letter, the taxpayer does not need to attend the court hearing.

• The purpose of the court hearing is only to approve the warrants if the taxes are not paid.

• If taxes are paid in full prior to the hearing date no warrant will be issued.

• Customers with questions pertaining to the assessed value or if their business is closed, should contact the Property Appraiser’s office at 239.533.6140 or