A Certificate to Operate grants written authority to an applicant to operate a taxicab company, a Transportation Network Company, or an independent contractor operating a vehicle for hire within Lee County. The Certificate to Operate expires on September 30 of each year and must be renewed through the Lee County Tax Collector. An application must be submitted to obtain a Certificate to Operate.

Below are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about the Certificate to Operate:

How do I Apply for a Certificate to Operate?

You can apply for a Certificate to Operate by downloading the Taxicab and Vehicle for Hire New Business Packet or obtain one from the Lee County Tax Collector office, 2480 Thompson Street, Fort Myers. The packets contain a list of fees, checklist, application, and additional forms that are required. Documents can be submitted by email to vehicleforhire@leetc.com or in person at the Lee County Tax Collector office, 2480 Thompson Street, Fort Myers.

When Will I Receive a Certificate to Operate?

Your paperwork should be processed within 3 business days if all documents provided are complete and accurate. You can contact our office at vehicleforhire@leetc.com or by calling 239.533.6000 to check the status of your application. After your paperwork has been processed, a staff member will contact you. If you email the packet to our office, any original notarized documents included in the packet must be received by our office before a Certificate to Operate will be issued.

What Fees Will I Pay?

An amount due will be provided when your application and/or documents are completed. You can also visit our fees page for more information.

Documents and Application

Taxicab and Vehicle for Hire New Business packet
Taxicab and Vehicle for Hire Business Renewal packet