An ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified vehicle inspection is required by an ASE certified mechanic upon initial application and every three (3) years thereafter. The years an ASE certified vehicle inspection is not required, an ASE certified vehicle inspection or an in-house vehicle inspection may be completed. There is no fee for an in-house vehicle inspection. 

Taxicab and Vehicle for Hire businesses have two options to meet requirements for a vehicle inspection.

Option 1:  Vehicles inspected at our downtown office (in-house vehicle inspection)

  • Schedule an appointment for each vehicle
  • Lee County Tax Collector personnel will conduct the in-house inspection
  • Each inspection takes approximately 20 minutes

Option 2:  Vehicles inspected by any ASE Certified Mechanic

Note:  Option 1 is not available for vehicles that are being registered for the first time or if a new vehicle is added to our system. Refer to option 2.

Inspections must be completed prior to renewing your vehicle stickers.

Why does my Vehicle Have to be Inspected?

Per Lee County Ordinance 15-05, each vehicle must have an inspection performed annually. The vehicle must be operable and in safe condition.

How do I Have my Vehicle Inspected?

ASE Certified Inspection – Contact a Florida ASE certified mechanic to have your vehicle inspected. Upon completion of the inspection, a mechanic will complete and sign the Vehicle for Hire Inspection Form indicating the vehicle passes inspection.

In-house Inspection – Lee County Tax Collector personnel will conduct the in-house inspection.

To set up a new account select “My Account” in the top right corner of this page, and create your account (invitation code required). Contact our office 239.533.6000 and request your invitation code today.

If you already have an account set up, log in and schedule a vehicle inspection appointment.

What Fees Will I Pay?

There is no fee for an in-house vehicle inspection.