Search Tips

  • Double check your typing.
  • Do not enter any punctuation.
  • When doing an account, certificate or registration number search, do not enter spaces.
  • When doing a name search, put the last name first. The name will match the name on the renewal notice or bill.
  • When doing an address or physical location search do not include the type of street (i.e. Ave, Avenue, Blvd, Boulevard etc.) If you do not find the property you are looking for, try searching on only the street.
  • Searches such as the pin or registration number can only be searched using the entire number. Others such as the account, name, or address search will allow for partial criteria.
  • The extensive search option does a 'containing' search. This means that it will search for a match where the criteria entered is anywhere in the phrase. For example: If a normal search is done with the word "day", the results will include any word beginning with the phrase "day", such as "daytime", "daycare", "daylight", etc. If the same search is done using the extensive search option, the results would include any matches containing the phrase "day", such as "day", "Monday", "today", "someday", "daytime", "daycare", "daylight", "weekdays", etc.