When you purchase a new motor vehicle, bring a motor vehicle into the state, or at any time the ownership of the motor vehicle changes, you must apply for a title and registration in your name.

To apply for title and registration you must have proof of ownership, proof of identity, and proof of required insurance coverage written or countersigned by a Florida agent. Then you must purchase or transfer your license plate. Be sure to record a lien if the vehicle is financed. Other documentation and requirements may apply based on the paperwork being submitted.

To apply for title and registration for a vessel you must provide proof of ownership and proof of identity. If the vessel is documented and maintained in Florida, you must apply for a Florida Registration. Other documentation may apply based on the paperwork submitted.

Application for Florida title and registration can be made by mail or in person at any of our conveniently located six locations.

Titling and Registration Guides

For interactive, step-by-step instructions for various title and registration services, please follow the links below.

Steps to - Duplicate Title
Steps to - Title Owner Deceased
Steps to - Florida Title

Note: The guides linked on this page are not created, managed or maintained by the Lee County Tax Collector, this service is provided as a convenience by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle division.