Valid proof must show applicant's personal information to include full name, physical address, and date of birth:

  • A Florida driver license or identification card
  • An out of state driver license or identification card with photo
  • A driver license or identification card from any US Territory
  • A Canadian driver license or identification card
  • A US or Out of Country passport
  • A military ID (in person transactions only)


Submit proof showing company's validity to include mailing address, street address (if different from mailing address), and FEID:

  • Business/Corporation papers showing authorized agents
  • Letters of Authorization on company letterhead permitting an employee or agent to sign title application documents in lieu of officer/owner signing

Important Facts

When processing by mail a legible copy of proof of identity must be submitted for each applicant.

To be appointed power of attorney to obtain title on behalf of the owner of record or new applicant, complete a power of attorney.

When using an appointed attorney-in-fact, the original or certified copy of the appointment must also be submitted along with proof of identity for the power of attorney.