In 2019, the Florida Legislature passed House Bill 87, which changed the registration period for certain heavy trucks owned by individuals.  Registration renewal for anyone owning a heavy truck with a declared Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) between 5,001 lbs. and 7,999 lbs. will now take place on the birthday of the primary registrant of the vehicle.  This change in heavy truck registrations is effective as of September 1st, 2020.
This change in expiration dates is contingent on the declared GVW of the vehicle.  If a change in gross vehicle weight is declared, the date of registration may change.


Currently, heavy truck renewals are due by December 31st, 2020.  Starting September 1st, 2020, when current heavy truck owners apply for renewal, they will pay a prorated rate based on their birth month.  Customers whose date of birth falls between January and June will pay a prorated amount to renew their registration in December 2020 for 1 to 18 months.  Customers with birthdays between July and December will pay a prorated amount for 7-24 months.  

Example: A heavy truck owner with a declared GVW of 7,999 lbs or less, who's birthday is in August, would have two options in 2020:

Option 1: Pay a prorated amount for an 8 month registration, renewing the heavy truck to their next birthday.  The next renewal for the heavy truck would be due in August 2021.

Option 2: Pay for a 20 month renewal, which would include a prorated rate for the first 8 months of registration and then the standard full-year rate for the second year.  The next renewal for the heavy truck would not be due until August 2022.


Business customers who have heavy trucks with an empty weight of 5000 lbs or more (regardless of declared GVW) are not included in HB 87.  The registration for business customers' heavy trucks will still be December 31st of each year.