When you sell a vehicle, vehicle trailer, mobile home, or vessel there is no guarantee that the person you sold it to will have the title transferred to their name.  There is a possibility that the buyer may be using the vehicle you sold them while it is still in your name.

To protect yourself, you may file the attached Notice of Sale and submit to any tax collector office. By filing this form we are able to mark the title record as SOLD. This may help prevent legal and civil liability issues for you, the seller.

The ownership status will not change until the buyer applies for title in his/her name, however, the seller's license plate, vessel registration, or mobile home decal number that is associated with the title record will be removed.

In addition, if a vehicle is being sold and the valid registration is not being transferred to a replacement vehicle, the license plate must be surrendered to the tax collector's office.  Failure to do so may result in the suspension of your driver license and the inability to renew registrations associated with your record.